• The Feast,” a short story, Carve Magazine, Winter 2017
  • “Noonturn,” a short story, F(r)iction, forthcoming this winter 2017
  • “Late at Night, After He’s Fallen Asleep,” a short story, Paper Darts, forthcoming in the spring of 2017
  • Chameleons,” a short story, Cold Mountain Review, Spring 2016

Ecstatic births are rare—all the books and websites say so—but Clara figured there wasn’t anything quite as rare as a grown woman giving birth to a baby octopus, so who was to say what was rare or common in her case? Who was to say that every human delivering an octopus wouldn’t get a little bit ecstatic?


  • Zebra Skin,” a flash story, Fiction Southeast, Winter 2016
  • “Key-holders,” a short story, PMS poemmemoirstory, Winter/Spring 2017
  • Hyena, Hyena,” a short story, Jersey Devil Press, Autumn 2016

But even in a world so full, so whole, Libby knew the hyena was an exception. She knew it wasn’t a sign of the world being any larger or any less small. Its ragged smile. Its jutting neck. Its pointed ears and elbows. It was a sign of something else entirely. Her grandmother believed in signs, that everything happened for a reason, and she’d long taught Libby to believe so too.

–“Hyena, Hyena”

  • The Singing Teeth,” a short story, weirderary, Autumn 2016
  • “Destiny,” a flash story, NANO Fiction, Autumn 2016
  • Girls with Blood in Their Veins,” a short story, Bartleby Snopes, Summer 2016 (also available in the final print issue, Winter/Spring 2017)

It was full-dark when I woke up shivering in the backyard. I stood outside the coop with no memory of how I got there. My nightgown rippled against me in the breeze and the grass was dewy on my bare ankles. I looked up and saw the moon beaming down at me. It looked a lot more like an egg than I ever remembered it looking before. A great celestial egg with light like a soul shining out from inside of it.

–“Girls with Blood in Their Veins”

It was a dark wooden thing with gold rings smiling around each of its subsections. Aunt Theo handled it with a gentleness that was almost reverent, before tucking it beneath her arm and slipping her pants down around her knees.

–“The Spyglass”

  • The Slide,” a short story, Litro Magazine, Spring 2016

My left eye was sliding down the side of my face, drooping like an almond in a half-melted candy bar. First, I reminded myself not to scream.

–“The Slide”

  • New Skin,” a short story, Menacing Hedge, Spring 2016

He lived only two streets down from us, but that summer was the first time I ever saw him come around and, when he did, he came with a shoebox full of dandruff tucked under his arm.

–“New Skin”


  • “Woman at the Edge of Town,” fairytale creative nonfiction, Tiny Donkey, forthcoming this spring
  • Publishing Advice for the Unpublished Writer,” an essay, The Review Review, Autumn 2016
  • Brave New Worlds,” an essay, SQUAT Birth Journal, Winter 2015
  • “Grieving Guinea Pigs,” an essay, Life with Pets, Autumn 2015


  • A Baltimore haiku, Acorn: A Journal of Contemporary Haiku, Issue 37, Autumn 2016




(for Bancroft Press)

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