New Publication!

Quick word of good news! My short story “Chameleons”—a story that includes zero actual chameleons but at least one octopus—has just been accepted for publication with Cold Mountain Review, a terrific magazine that

offers new and innovating ideas about place, sustainability, writing, and art. Come join us as we create the serious mischief of cultural change.

Look for “Chameleons” in the upcoming issue!



Here’s just a quick taste of the story to come…


By K.C. Mead-Brewer

The doctor didn’t have time to be worried for Clara during her labor; it was over before he got there.

“I guess the speed of it makes sense,” David said, looking up at his wife from across the kitchen table. A pile of books sat stacked between them, Human Oddities: Then and Now, Ten American Alien Abductions, The Wild World of Cephalopods— “It says here that octopuses don’t have any bones, so they can squeeze themselves through just about any opening without much trouble.”



Happy Writing!


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