I am now the proud recipient of a grant to spend a month as a resident writer with the Vermont Studio Center in the fall of 2016! Huzzah! The perfect place to finish the edits on the current novel-in-progress and get started on Novel No. 3.

VSC 2.0
Image used from VSC website; Maxwell Mackenzie



9 thoughts on “Bragging!”

  1. Omigosh, what wonderful news. Sincere congratulations. I literally gasped when I looked at your exquisite picture of Vermont, by the way. Fall is the perfect time to be there.

    Whoah…as I’m typing this there are snowflakes falling across your home page. Something magical is afoot.

    1. Thanks for this, Eve! The photo is incredible, isn’t it? It’s just the photo from VSC’s homepage. You should check out the photographer’s website — Maxwell Mackenzie

  2. How did you win the internship, K.C.?

    Last night I ran across an opportunity to write in a European castle for a month, which I would LOVE to do. It was more of a contest, not an internship per se. If it were during the summer I would have totally entered, but there’s no way I’d be able to leave work and family during the school year.

    1. That castle sounds amazing! Who wouldn’t want to write in a castle? Talk about an inspirational environment!

      As for the VSC, they made the application process very easy, and I believe they take applications on a rolling basis, so if you’re interested in applying for a future residency, you can do so at almost any time. (Another nice thing about their residency program is that you can sign up for residencies that last only 2 or as long as 12 weeks.) Basically, all you need to do is prepare an art or writing sample (they take artists of all kinds, not only writers; this sample is the keynote component of the application, I believe), answer a few long-form questions about your goals and current projects, and then provide references (and I think a CV as well, though I can’t remember on this score). After that, just hit submit, cross your fingers, and hope they recognize you for who you are 🙂

      Another terrific residency program to consider is Hedgebrook: Women Authoring Change — if you haven’t checked them out yet, I would highly recommend it. I’ve never been part of their residency program, but have been able to attend a couple of their Master Classes, and it’s always been a tremendous experience.

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