New Publication!

Quick word of yet more good news! My short story “New Skin”—an odd tale about a flirtatious, middle-aged fortuneteller and her lonely, sunburned daughter—has just been accepted for publication with Menacing Hedge, a truly weird (and weirdly great!) fiction magazine. Look for it this January!


Here’s just a quick taste of the story to come…

New Skin

By K.C. Mead-Brewer

Mom spent her summers drinking lemonade-tea cocktails on the front porch, smiling provocatively at fathers hurrying off to work or coming home late, and telling other peoples’ fortunes. Madame Peachy, they called her. Only, she didn’t read palms or crystal balls or tea leaves the way other witches did. My mom only ever saw the cosmos spelled out in piles of peeled sunburn skins. …

Tetons & Yellowstone 2014 316


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