Meet Buffalo, Mascot Extraordinaire

Meet Buffalo, the new official mascot of my current novel-in-progress.20150811_100013

My writers group recently decided that, along with our writing goals, we would also set up a carrot system for ourselves to remind us that, even though we may be tragically unpaid for extended periods of time, this doesn’t mean that we aren’t working full time or that our work is somehow unworthy of pay/recognition.

One of my goals is to make sure that, on top of my regular gigs and novel writing, I produce and submit at least one new short story per month. My carrot? Every month I get a new story written and submitted on time, I get to treat myself to a new houseplant. 🙂

Buffalo, I’m proud to carry you over the threshold in celebration of a goal well-met.

What kinds of goals do you set for yourself as a writer and/or reader? Do you use a carrot system? If so, what kinds of rewards do you prefer?


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