“Would You Rather…?” for Writers

First, thank you both to Herminia‘s and to Rachel Poli‘s blogs for this post idea and questions. Goofy? Sure. Fun? Definitely 🙂 Plus, it’s an easy way to learn more about your fellow writers while also considering a few questions outright for yourself.

Would you rather only write stand-alone novels or trilogies?

Stand-alone novels — once a story is finished, I’m usually more than ready to take a trip to somewhere else.

Would you rather be a be known for a specific type/genre of work or never settle down?

This one’s tough — I’d have to say “never settle down,” even though there are specific genres I definitely prefer to read and write in.

Would you rather write by hand or have to type for the rest of your life?

Type — provided it’s on my typewriter and not the computer. I love writing by longhand because it makes first drafts easier (for me, anyway), but I always want the speed of typing, and so a typewriter, I find, is often a very happy medium.


Would you rather be forced to write everything in uppercase or lowercase letters?

Uppercase — I’d rather everything got to feel important rather than everything seem low as a mowed lawn.

Would you rather only write 2 perfect pages per day or 250 so-so pages per week?

I’d have to say 2 perfect pages per day. Though, given the frequent disorganization in my writing process, I can’t imagine what this might do to my longer works :-p Might get me married to things far too easily.

Would you rather be traditionally published or self-published?

Traditionally — self-publishing requires far too many skills that I’m simply not expert enough in. Also, I’d rather spend the time writing and reading rather than trying to act like an agent, writer, publicist, visual artist, and publisher all in one.

Would you rather only write in pen or pencil?

Pen — oddly, I can’t stand the noise pencils make on paper.

Would you rather only be allowed to write at your desk or anywhere else in the world?

Anywhere else in the world — I love my desk, but I also love writing outdoors and going on writing dates with friends and colleagues. I wouldn’t give those opportunities up even for a desk made of Martian clay.

What do you think? Would you rather…?


5 thoughts on ““Would You Rather…?” for Writers”

  1. Great answers! You and I seem to be on the opposite of things, lol. I think there were only a few questions you and I answered the same! 🙂

    1. I know! But that’s part of the fun, I think 🙂 Also, most of the time, it was an oddly difficult choice :-p

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