Interview with literary agent Stephen Barr of Writers House

Amy M. Newman

Today, we are lucky enough to have Mr. Stephen Barr of Writers House on the blog. Thank you for being here, Stephen!


Amy: How did you become an agent?

SB: Accidentally!  And then purposefully!  After graduating from UCLA with an English degree, I flew to New York with the goal of becoming an editor (and riding the carousel in Central Park).  The truth is, I didn’t even know that agents existed, but after failing to get a whole bunch of editorial assistant jobs, I finally wised up and started looking for internships so that, you know…my résumé wouldn’t be an artful attempt at making catering experience seem like publishing experience.  Those internships ended up being at literary agencies rather than publishers, and the second I saw the other side of the equation, I knew it was right for me!  I was eventually hired as an agent’s assistant at Writers House…

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