Summer Reads!


It’s that glorious time of year again when Cleaver Magazine comes out with its latest issue! My last post on Cleaver focused on Issue No. 9, but I’m pleased to say that Issue No. 10 is every bit as interesting, beautiful, challenging, and entertaining.

For those of you who don’t know — full disclosure — I am an Editor-at-Large with Cleaver, and am incredibly proud to be so given its talented staff, dedication to including emerging writers/artists in each issue, and its combination of traditional and nontraditional forms of storytelling.

And while I’d recommend giving all the new pieces a read, here are just a few of my personal favorites:

by Shmu’el Bashevis Ben’yamin

(short story; an emerging writer)

I had the ingredients of becoming a perfect milksop, but it didn’t happen. Every day I carried to school an orange ball bigger than my head, and at lunch watched long-legged teenagers with patchy facial hair and funny white boots borrow the ball to put it through a bent rim. The ball was named after my uncle Wilson. I had found it buried under the yellow flowers of a California pepper tree….

by Lyn Lifshin


A girl goes into the woods…

by Chelsea M. Harris

(flash story; an emerging writer)

She told you she was driving to the bridal store to shop for dresses with the girls she used to babysit before you were born since she knew she’d never see you all wrapped up in a marshmallow mess surrounded by floor-length mirrors…

by Nick Greer

(creative nonfiction)

The Ojibwa call it Animikii. The Tlingit call it Shangukeidí. The Kwakwaka’wakw call it Kwankwanxwalige’, for the way it makes thunder (kʷənxʷa) lightweight (kʷəs) by pounding (ləka). No matter the tribe, its description is the same: a bird so large it creates thunder when it beats its wings….



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