Writing to Process Unrest

From Erica L. Green of The Baltimore Sun, check out this article about Baltimore city students using writing to help them reflect on and process the unrest of the past few days (weeks, months, and years). Here’s a taste of the article to get you started:

It was just five months ago that Afiya Ervin sat down at a gathering of young writers feeling out of place. Writing out her feelings was as foreign to her as the unrest that she saw in Ferguson, Mo., after a young black man was shot by a white police officer. So she called her poem “I’ve finally started writing.”

But on Sunday, as she sat down at a write-in to work through her feelings about the events that have rocked her hometown over the last week, the 16-year-old Baltimore City College High School student filled two pages in no time.

–Eric L. Green, The Baltimore Sun, City students turn to writing to process unrest