Spring Reads!


Be sure to check out Cleaver Magazine‘s freshly published ninth issue — it’s true that, as an editor with Cleaver, I may be biased, but I truly do think it’s a great place for anyone on the hunt for some interesting new reads in poetry, short fiction, short nonfiction, and multimedia works.

And, though it’s all worth checking out, a few of my personal favorites of the issue are…

by Gemini Wahhaj

(short story)

At the time of the hurricane, they were both still working. A few days before the hurricane hit, Lila was getting on a plane to New York for an oil and gas conference. They called it Hurricane Ike on the radio, and people laughed when they heard the warning, since it followed warnings about so many other hurricanes that season that had failed to materialize. But this time it was real…

by Kim Steele 

(short story)

I do not feel the Jet Ski as it crashes into my head. Or I do—it is a Jet Ski and it is crashing into my head after all—but it does not register as pain. I feel it only in the way I feel a fly that lands on my thigh or a strand of wet hair on my cheek…

by Elizabeth Alexander

(flash story)

We were running through the Shepherd’s Woods down by Yalloway Creek and across from the schoolyard. We were running because…

by Catherine Nichols

(flash story)

The vet returned my call as I was rolling the last wineglass in bubble wrap. In counterpoint to my curt hello, he sounded upbeat, even jovial. He explained that when Mags had been spayed last month…


by Suzanne Cope

(creative nonfiction)

The name was the easy part, as was age and date and place of birth. The address provided, it was decided, would be his mother’s, despite the fact that…



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