One Page Salon – hosted by Owen Egerton

“It’s entertainment and networking on a school night for a brainy crowd that likes to drink, but likes creativity even more. Cheers to the One Page Salon!”

–Why don’t we have one of these in Baltimore already? This event sounds fantastic for artists of all kinds! Check it out, folks: One Page Salon ! (Love it!)

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It’s Tuesday night, it’s cold, it’s raining, and while I know it’s ill advised I have no choice but to take my scooter (decked in my stylish rain jacket and not-so-stylish motorcycle helmet) to the Whip In so I can finally experience what all my writer friends keep telling me about. Owen Egerton’s One Page Salon, they say, why haven’t you been yet?

I arrive what I think is fifteen minutes early but turns out to be forty-five minutes late. The second speaker’s voice (Robert Cipriano) greets me over the loud speaker before I’m even in the building and he’s done by the time I order my drink.

OwenEgertonWhipIn Owen Egerton, host of One Page Salon

Dang it. The One Page Salon starts at 7pm, not 8pm. A mistake I won’t be making again, because now it’s standing room only. So I stand, with my glass of Nortico Alarinho (a…

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