Fresh Writers Series

Dear Readers, as you know (or are about to know), I’m a working writer and editor with a BIG love for magazines and journals of all kinds, both print and online. Recently, I was combing through Used Gravitrons’ latest issue (they’re a terrific indie weird fiction magazine, if you’ve never checked them out before), and found myself both tickled and intrigued by an email they included in this issue’s introductory EditorialIt’s an email from writer Sean Pravica wherein he makes a case as to why he’d like his short story to still be considered by Used Gravitrons even though it exceeds their stated word limit. As I read through the email, I found myself wishing and hoping that they’d made an exception for him — the story sounded too good to pass up, and his writing style even only in email-form was compelling, tight, and entertaining (everything a great cover letter ought to be). And while Used Gravitrons did not bend their word limit for Pravica, they made certain to assure me and all their other readers that:

“When the story Sean submitted to UG is published elsewhere, curious readers will be promptly notified and we will provide updated links via our electronic content.”

And while I am extremely grateful for this and excited to see where Pravica’s story lands, I knew I needed to go digging for other of Pravica’s stories right away. Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed, and I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve found yet another fresh writer’s work to read, enjoy, and learn from.

But Pravica’s work and email exchange with Used Gravitrons inspired me to take things a small step further, and so I’m pleased to say that this post is now the first in a series of posts I plan to write, each of which will spotlight a new “Fresh Writer” — judged by me and discovered by my own meandering-readerly means.

So, dear readers, it’s now time to go check out Sean Pravica for yourselves! Here are just a few pieces of his work (I hope it’s all by the same Sean Pravica :-p) that I’ve found and have particularly enjoyed thus far:

“Rung” by Sean PravicaFirst Stop Fiction

“Love at 27A” by Sean PravicaBartleby Snopes

“To Have the Ass” by Sean PravicaRed Fez

My favorite line so far? From “To Have the Ass”, a cowboy speaks:

“‘Big deal. These chaps were hand made by a Montana rancher. Lives underground. Had to travel by match light and intuition to find him.'”

Love it!

P.S. A big Thank You to Used Gravitrons for sharing that email!



As of 3/25/15, Pravica has also been published with Remarkable Doorways: The Jazz Man had a Long Weekend,” and has also landed two new forthcoming publications, one with Menacing Hedge and another with Defenestration. So keep an eye out!

Toni Morrison & Angela Davis: Rebels, Writers, & Heroes

“Toni Morrison and Angela Davis on friendship and creativity”

By Dan White

I knew as soon as I came across this interview that I wanted to share it here! Definitely check out this terrific conversation about writing, reading, activism, friendship, and creativity.

UC Santa Cruz Review writer Dan White had separate in-depth conversations this summer with Toni Morrison and Angela Davis about their past collaboration, their longstanding friendship, and their bedrock belief in the power of literature. Davis introduced Morrison while she was in Santa Cruz to deliver the Peggy Downes Baskin Ethics Lecture at the Rio Theater on October 25. The subject: “Literature and the Silence of Goodness.” Angela Davis was interviewed by phone from Massachusetts, and Toni Morrison from upstate New York.