Almost-End of the Year Resolutions

I’m of the opinion/assumption/hypothesis/whatever that New Year’s Resolutions actually hinder people from getting things done throughout the year because the phrase itself suggests that there’s only one time of year appropriate for making resolutions, making it psychologically satisfying to make resolutions around New Year’s but not during other times of year — as if making a resolution in October was somehow a failure at its outset.

So, I’ve decided to formally make an Almost-End of the Year Resolution to finish reading the following books before 2015’s coronation.

  • Isaac Newton by James Gleick — read the first half ages ago and it changed me entirely; I only put it down because, frankly, it became overwhelming

Also, the Telegraph came out with this list of 100 Novels Everyone Should Read, if you’re interested in yet more Reading List suggestions/inspirations. (Disclaimer: I’ve got no idea how they decided what novels made and didn’t make the list.)



2 thoughts on “Almost-End of the Year Resolutions”

  1. What a great list! Gaudy Night is one of my favorite feminist books of fiction in all the world. I will add the ULG to my list. I was reading a book on writing that recommended committing to at least one hour of serious reading per day. I am 3 books into a stack of 24 books on homelessness. I (raising my right hand) resolve to at least one hour of serious reading per day! No matter how many fun books you suggest, Katie!

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