How to Write Love Poems by Jeremy Richards

How to Write Love Poems by Jeremy Richards


This 2009 essay/interview begins as a special note for any lovers daring to try their hand at some original poetry for Valentine’s Day. But I think the qualities of this essay stretch far beyond any holiday and into the realm of everyday-timeless usefulness. Richards’ essay is a tremendous bit of writing on writing wherein he interviews four poets on their art and on the difficult task of achieving more than simply not sucking: Adrian Blevins, Rebecca Hoogs, Cyrus Cassells, and Craig Arnold.

His interviews include questions on everything from, Where do you think most bad love poetry first goes astray? to Is there a difference between “love” poetry and poetry about love? 

Really, you oughtta check this out whether or not poetry’s part of your normal milieu.


Interested in more? You should also check out (2012) Jim Behrle’s “How to Write a Love Poem”. He’s got a killer first line that sets his tone perfectly:

Poetry occupies a cultural space in contemporary American society somewhere between tap dancing and ventriloquism.


What “on writing poetry” essays or advice do you like/find useful?


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