Book Review: Dictionary for Writers and Editors

Check out Jacqui Murray’s book review of Bill Bryson’s “Dictionary for Writers and Editors” — she highlights for us not only a new success in humor and style from the wonderful library of Bryson, but also a terrific new tool for the rest of the writing and reading world.

Thanks, Murray!


Bryson's Dictionary for Writers and EditorsBryson’s Dictionary for Writers and Editors

by Bill Bryson

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Theodore Bernstein (author of seven books on grammar and usage) may be the acknowledged expert on English grammar, but Bill Bryson share’s his knowledge with a pinch of humility and humor.

I met Bryson reading his Short History of Nearly Everything. Therein lay the seeds of my initial distrust. How could an author who wrote such an enthralling historic book like Short History switch genres and write a successful dictionary? Shouldn’t that be the job of a bibliophile or Mr. Webster’s great grandson? Despite my misgivings, I decided to give it a try. Anyone who could distill history into 480 pages must have the see-the-forest-for-the-trees ability to decide on the need-to-know grammar required for a budding author. After all, I needed to spend the minutes stolen from my day job…

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