Get an Inspiration Jolt!

Whether you’re participating in NaNoWriMo (and so are likely beginning to feel the Thanksgiving Crunch), write professionally, or just write for yourself generally, I figured we could all use a bit of an Inspiration Jolt as the wildness and beauty of family, friends, cooking, and other holiday crazes really begin to eat up the days (in good ways!).

So, here are just a few points and news flashes to get your mind working in new ways and to (hopefully!) inspire you for your next or on-going projects:

–Nick Dobkin shares the gritty and gorgeous details of “6 Real Planets That Put Science Fiction to Shame”

–Marianne Williamson wrote in A Return to Love, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond belief.”

–H. Emerson Blake had this to say in the most recent issue of Orion Magazine: “But stories bring power to life. They strengthen our capacity for empathy toward others and put wind in our emotions. They empower us to believe things can be better.”

–Check out the fantastic artwork (paintings and drawings) by Tyler Bewley, an artist who focuses on the interactions between urban and natural environments:

Bored Panda has another great post for us in, “How Beauty Procedures Looked in the 1930s-40s”

–NPR got to party yesterday with children’s horror writer, R.L. Stine (anyone else having childhood memories flash before their eyes?), and was kind enough to share with us their “Random Questions With: R.L. Stine”

–And speaking of childhood horrors, anyone else remember a little show called Are You Afraid of the Dark? Well, good news, my friends! It’s on youtube 😀 Check it out:

–Need more art in your life? Well, National Geographic has a new and dazzling photo for you every single day just waiting to tickle your senses and creative engines:

–If you’re like me, you’ll often be writing and writing and then look out the window and wish for some stars and heavenly body action to keep you in motion. Well, wish no more, my friends! Because NASA has us covered with their long-running Astronomy Picture of the Day series

I hope you find these helpful, inspirational, and energizing — now get back to writing!

‘The Trickster In Ginsberg’ by Katherine C. Mead-Brewer

Check out my latest interview regarding my book, The Trickster in Ginsberg. Thanks, J Haeske, for your interest and for sharing your own terrific writing!

Book Cover

Retracing Jack Kerouac

I am not sure how I first stumbled upon ‚The Trickster In Ginsberg’ by Baltimore based writer Katherine C Mead-Brewer, but the title immediately caught my attention as Allen Ginsberg’s life and work are intrinsically tied to that of Jack Kerouac and some of his poems are amongst the most beautiful I know. But its title also intrigued and bewildered me somewhat. Why ‚the trickster’? was the question I asked my self repeatedly.

At the time of writing this, I haven’t read it yet (it’s still on my to-buy-list), so I decided to ask her a few questions about the book with a view of posting the answers on here. Luckily she answered them very comprehensively (thanks Katherine!) which helped me to shed some light on the work itself and the thought process in the decision to write the book which I am happy to share with you.

Katherine is…

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