Small Blogs Worth Reading

As discussed in my previous post, given the various and changing rules of the Liebster Award, I decided I would nominate as many small blogs as I pleased this time around (with “small” meaning basically whatever I want), and give them a bit more of a spotlight in this post.

(Disclaimer: These blogs are listed in no particular order.)

So, I’d like to begin with, BLOG NO. 1: Robert M. Wright — Storyteller.


I have greatly enjoyed Wright’s writing and ideas, which he began sharing on his blog in August of this year. I’m a big sci-fi fan, so I not only

appreciate a lot of his subject matter (such as “Conflicts in Science and Religion in Science Fiction” and “Aliens and Earth… Why Take the Detour?“), but also his willingness to consider all manner of questions and possibilities. His blog is still young, but I think it has great promise given his considerate writing nature and dedication to providing posts of actual use to his readers.

Someone once said that when you’re creating a concept for a story, a character, a series, or a movie; ideas are like eating popcorn, you grabbed a handful because you can’t just eat one.

BLOG NO. 2: A Genealogy in Baltimore

I really dig this blog because it’s totally unique (at least to me!) in topic, and because it loves Baltimore (and I do too)! Baltimore is a vastly under-appreciated city, so I’m always on the lookout for anyone who’s willing and excited to claim part of it for themselves.

Just take a look at some of  A.G.B.’s About:

As the title of this blog suggests, I am based in Baltimore, Maryland and much of my family has never left the city and surrounding areas. I love Baltimore, especially for genealogy research. It’s a big enough city to have plenty of resources, but small enough that it is easy to identify ancestors in census records, newspaper clippings, etc. As anyone from Baltimore can attest, we lovingly call is “Small-timore” – everybody knows everybody, and if they don’t, then they know somebody who does.

If you’re interested in ancestry and Baltimore, give this blog a look!

BLOG NO. 3: The New Mercury Readings

I am so grateful for this blog not only because I’m always looking for new authors, but also because I love having books read to me. I’m a huge audio book fan, and I’m all about going to as many book readings and staged readings of plays as I possibly can.  (Plus, as you now know, I love Baltimore, and the Windup Space is one of my very favorite Baltimore bars. :))

In their mission statement for The American Mercury in 1924, cofounders H.L. Mencken and George Nathan got at the heart at what drives independent writers in this country: their desire to offer a “realistic presentation of the whole gaudy, gorgeous American scene.”

We don’t agree with everything that Mencken wrote, but we appreciate his independent thinking and willingness to challenge orthodoxies of all kinds–and the fact that 86 years ago, his Baltimore-based journal became a nexus for freelance writing and spirited debate.

In the spirit of Maryland’s most famous contrarian, we hold monthly nonfiction readings to celebrate the creativity and the integrity of independent writers and journalists. We also celebrate a city where truth is frequently stranger than fiction.

BLOG NO. 4: Michael Bradley – Time Traveler

Alright, I dig Mr. Bradley’s (can I call you, Michael?), Michael’s blog for a number of reasons (fellow sci-fi writers!), chief among them, however, is that I really appreciate his “Current Projects” page. I always feel far too shy to really discuss (let alone list and blurb!) the different writing projects I’ve got going, so I doubly appreciate his bravery in doing so. On this page, he not only gives you an idea of what novel-length projects he’s working on, but also film reviews, short stories, and nonfiction pieces. I love it!

And, if you agree with me that this page is pretty cool, you should definitely give the rest of his blog a look 🙂


BLOG NO. 5: Writers for Writers

I’m also constantly seeking out writers who are working to help other artists, and that’s precisely what I’ve found in Writers for Writers. In this blog, I find constant little reminders about what it is to be a working writer, pointers on getting published, advice from fellow authors, and general inspiration.

There’s no shortage of writing tools, prompts, and activities on the internet, but nowhere are they organized in quite this way. Each week, Writers for Writers posts a new “menu” of activities to try. From focused drills to open-ended story starters to ventures out in the real world, the Weekly Menu will challenge you to stretch the bounds of your creativity and build up your knowledge of the craft. 

Writers for Writers helps me feel more confident in my abilities and never sounds patronizing, exhausting, or sarcastic. If you need a bit more inspiration in your life, pay them a visit!


2 thoughts on “Small Blogs Worth Reading”

  1. I think it’s wonderful that you spotlight different blogs that you love – and being a sci fi nerd originally from right outside of (you guessed it) Baltimore, I have to check all of these out. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I’m really glad people are interested in what I am writing about, otherwise what is the point of a blog?! Thanks again. -A.G.B. (I am totally stealing your abbreviation)

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