31 Days of Halloween: Day 5 “Happy Birthday, Clive Barker!”

Thanks, Book People, and happy 61st Birthday, Clive Barker!

(P.S. I love Baltimore, but I miss you, Book People!)

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Halloween Scary House

October 5th marks the 61st birthday of one of the greatest writers of horror fiction in waning days of the 20th century. The yin to Stephen King’s yang, Clive Barker burst upon the scene with his six volume Books of Blood, changing the face of horror forever. Incorporating, at the time, transgressive sexuality and violence into the booming horror genre, these books, along with his first early novels such as The Damnation Game, set him up as the anti-King, the go-to author of horror fiction who was too scary to be read by your parents or the squares who attended your school.

With fame and acclaim under his belt (as well as a film adaption of his short story “The Hellbound Heart” directed by himself as Hellraiser) and Stephen King himself declaring him the future of horror, Clive Barker kicked off 1989 with the release of the first…

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