Baltimore Book Festival: Independent Presses


Well, it’s now another year to wait until the next Baltimore Book Festival (sigh), but this past weekend’s festival was absolutely fantastic! Not only were we able to sit in on a free, 15 minute preview of a new play on Edgar Allan Poe (that’ll be premiering in Baltimore soon), but we were also able to pick up more than a few fabulous books from some fresh, indie presses. And, because they so interested me, I’d like to go ahead and spotlight a few of these publishers here:


Exter Press (Big Pulp)

“Exter Press is the home of Big Pulp magazine, a quarterly journal featuring fantasy, mystery, horror, science fiction and romance fiction and poetry. Since 2008, Big Pulp has brought readers exciting, thought-provoking, literate and fun fiction and poetry from the best new, emerging and established genre writers from around the globe.

Exter Press is independently-owned and distributed, and a proud member of the small press.”


BIG PULP is a quarterly print and electronic journal featuring a wide range of pulp and genre fiction poetry. Our definition of genre fiction is very broad, running the gamut from literary fiction and experimental poetry to locked room mysteries, sword and sorcery, and space opera.

Our ideal is the newsstand of the Golden Age of pulp and popular fiction, where lucky readers could find literally dozens of magazines catering to all manner of interests and tastes. Instead of publishing only one kind of story, we hope to recreate the feel of those fantastic newsstands, where science fiction stood shoulder to shoulder with jungle adventure, and romance vied with true crime for the hearts of readers.”


Post Mortem Press

“With over 60 books in print since opening in late 2010, Post Mortem Press has grown from a distraction against the worries of a corporate career gone awry to a successful independent publishing concern. Post Mortem Press apparently did something unusual; they combined business acumen with a love of the written word and respect for the authors who create them.

We have earned the respect of many luminaries in the world of dark fiction.

The likes of Clive Barker, Joe Hill, Harlan Ellison, Johnathan Maberry, F Paul Wilson, Jack Ketchum, and many more have graced the pages of Post Mortem Press anthologies.

The singular goal of Post Mortem Press is to answer opportunity’s call by providing an outlet for new and established writers of speculative fiction. Founder Eric Beebe brings practical experience in both business and publishing, but not the publishing business (a good thing – really), allowing for a sustainable small press.

Our business model allows us to consider publishing works that may be overlooked by the mainstream. Unlike many other publishing concerns out there, we don’t want anything from our authors other than their support in promoting their books. This process provides for a payoff for the author’s creative sweat equity.

Post Mortem Press covers the cost associated with creating a professional book and pays royalties for each sale, while offering author copies at prices just above our cost.”


***Another bit of exciting news from PMP is that they’re going to be launching their own literary magazine soon! So keep an eye on their website for when they begin accepting submissions (they hinted to me that their first issue may even include a bit of new fiction from Harlan Ellison, if you can believe it!).


Baltimore Review

“The mission of The Baltimore Review is to showcase Baltimore as a literary hub of diverse writing and promote the work of emerging and established writers.

The Baltimore Review was founded by Barbara Westwood Diehl in 1996 as a literary journal publishing short stories and poems, with a mission to showcase the best writing from the Baltimore area, from across the U.S., and beyond. Our mission remains just that. However, in our online format, we can now bring that fine writing to the world’s attention, more frequently, and at less cost. We can also explore new ways to bring the world of writers and writing to the reader’s attention.”



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