Getting Down to Business: CPAs for Artists

According to The Guardian’s “Ten Rules for Writing Fiction,” author Hilary Mantel’s first rule for writers is:


Get an Accountant!


So, as I’ve only started writing and editing full time very recently, I’ve been in the market for an accountant who specializes in helping out the self-employed artist.

In case you’re in the same boat as I, here are a few I came across during my search (although I cannot vouch for any of them personally, of course; these are just a few names I came upon who advertised on working with artists):


Accountants for Starving Artists in Baltimore, MD:

Jonathan Mayo,

Thomas Bowen,

According to Baltimore’s WTMD:


New York, NY:

Steven Zenlin,

Steinberg Shebairo,


Austin, TX:

Layne Lauritzen,


Los Angeles, CA:

Rick E. Norris,


St. Louis, MO:



Chicago, IL:

Julie Herwitt, Herwitt & Associates LLC,


West Palm Beach, FL:

Harless & Associates,


Boston, MA:

Ercolini & Company,


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