The Titan’s Goblet

On our way to Norway, my husband and I decided to also take a short American road trip from Baltimore to Dallas with a break in Charleston for a Josh Ritter concert. We’ve just gone from Fort Worth to Dallas and now we’re here visiting my family for a short time before we fly away on Independence Day.

And, as I’m sure many of you know, when you have a lot of family around you, it can be difficult to find time to write — after all, you want to be spending this time with the ones you love! But I find I still need to at least write something so I often turn to prompts and artwork during such times to get me going again.

Today’s prompt/inspiration comes to us from the Hudson River School by the wonderful Mr. Thomas Cole. His 1833 painting, “The Titan’s Goblet,” is currently at the Met. It’s a beautiful piece and I love not only that it tells a story but also how much dedication and discipline I can see in Cole’s work. To quote the Met,

“The artist himself inscribed the title on the back of the painting; thus, in including the sun behind the vastly amplified fountain, he may have been alluding to the mythological titan Helios, who rode a goblet through the nocturnal sky before mounting a chariot at dawn to illuminate the day.”


I don’t know what this might do or yield for you but, for a current traveler, I’m getting all sorts of delicious vibes from this, one of my favorites.


Good luck keeping yourself chained to the desk/writing space and happy writing all!



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