Beautiful Baltimore

Recently, I was inspired by the blog, BINARYTHIS, and its post on public art in Canberra. I was inspired to try and right a few wrongs regarding Baltimore, MD’s reputation as a place of danger, dirt, and ugliness. I am frankly astonished by just how many people don’t believe me when I tell them that I would take Baltimore over Washington, DC or New York any day of the week.

It’s true that Baltimore has its problems (every city does!). It’s also true that we adore John Waters for his frighteningly accurate depictions of different elements of the city in his films. But Baltimore also has some of the coolest amenities around: the harbor, the people, the Walters Art Museum, the aquarium, the bars, the history, and, of course, the public art. Admittedly, much of our art could also be called graffiti but the fact remains — Baltimore is crawling with artists, littered with statues, and dripping with paint.

Here are just a few (and poorly photographed, I apologize) examples:



Come see us! Baltimore will definitely surprise you and might even inspire some art and writing of your own.


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