Long Time No Blog – Freelance & Books

Dear All,

It has been so long! I apologize. It’s been a bit wild here what with both my and my husband’s graduation from our master’s programs, our parents coming up to visit, our mad hunt for jobs, the beginning of another season of International Association for Research on Service-Learning & Community Engagement editorial fellow work, preparations for my brother moving in with us, the beginning of my new freelance writing career, and the fresh publishing of my first book, The Trickster in Ginsberg.


Of course, I can’t complain at all as these are all tremendously good things. Although, I will say that trying to carve out a real work schedule in the middle of all of this has been a larger challenge than I’d originally anticipated.

Freelance writing is still new to me in many respects, but I’m quickly finding that simply sitting down and going to work is the key. While I’ve been writing professionally for several years now, most of that has been either fiction or academic — neither of which quite hits the mark with most typical nonfiction magazine and popular writing. However, with a bit of help from a course with the LOFT Literary Center that gave me some terrific starting advice and practice, I really do believe I’m starting to get the hang of the constant pitch writing and the 750-2,500 word length essay format (a rather significant jump from academic book writing, let me tell you).

I’m currently working on a wide variety of articles and have already submitted several pitches/queries (some of which have received promising interest). My research is currently ranging from up-and-coming higher education programs to “monster” babies to childbirth to Baltimore burlesque shows.

This type of all-over-the-board research really just makes me feel alive and constantly excited about the world around me — I feel as though I’m seeing opportunities and questions in places that I wasn’t even aware of whilst still bogged down under the stress and aggravation of graduate school.

What turning points have you found in your writing career? Was there a time that you just suddenly knew you were in the right place for your career at the very right time? What do you find most challenging about writing professionally?


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