The Trickster in Ginsberg — Published!


Well, it’s official my friends and readers — The Trickster in Ginsberg: A Critical Reading has a cover, a price, and a place to swipe your card! While the book itself still hasn’t come out, it’ll be here much sooner than I’d originally thought and McFarland is already accepting orders.

I really cannot describe how this makes me feel.

I only found out this afternoon when I received this little three-line email from a perfect stranger, a woman from sales and marketing, which said:

Dear Author:

Please find below the link to Spring 2013 featuring your book(s).

The freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader can be used to view PDF files.

And that, my friends and readers, was that! I clicked on the link which took me to the Spring 2013 catalog where I began to nervously scroll through the pages. My heart seemed to pick up another and another step with every page I skimmed and skipped in search of my supposed book. I realized then that I didn’t even know what category my book had been put under — was it in with the Pop Culture? Literature? And then, as I began to actually dread finding it — after all, what if I didn’t like the cover art? what if the colors were all wrong? what if it focused on things I hadn’t even considered? what if it looked strange and poppy rather than scholarly and cool? — I found it. All the way on page 25, in the center of the top row, was my book.

It almost looked small sitting there, AG’s eyes looking out at me in dreamy faux-oil paint eyes. But it also felt peculiarly and immediately mine. I felt as though the sum total of my dreams up to this point to be able to write, write, write and then to actually share my writing on a larger stage, were answered by this little photo. Like hearing a little whisper signaling the start of your favorite piece of music — and it’s playing just for you.

I feel incredibly proud at this moment but also incredibly grateful — there were so many people who helped and continue to help me day in and day out. From Gary, my editor, to EMB, my husband, to my beautiful family, to all of my teachers up to this point, to all of the authors who wrote books that inspired me, to AG who wrote “Howl,” to my God who blessed me to be in a place and circumstance that provided me the time and resources to even consider such an undertaking — I am so grateful.

My first book, The Trickster in Ginsberg: A Critical Reading, is finally here.

And I can’t wait to see what the next one looks like.


5 thoughts on “The Trickster in Ginsberg — Published!”

  1. that is so. freaking. exciting. I can’t tell you how happy I am for you! This kind of thing gives me hope that there’s a chance for my own writing to make it.

    But hooray! Huzzah! You’ve done it! Wow, what a rush. Savour it to the last second, this is all you.

    1. Thank you so much, Pearson Sharp! I greatly appreciate your good thoughts and Yes! You should absolutely view this as a mark that this is absolutely an attainable goal — I’m only barely 24, only now earning my MA, and I’ve already gotten a peer-reviewed academic book written and published. And you know what? All it took was submitting a clean proposal to the right publisher. Good luck in all of your endeavors and I greatly look forward to seeing your work in print very soon 🙂

      1. oh wow, how brilliant! I hope you don’t mind if I come back to pick your brain from time to time =) There’s something very inspiring about what you’ve done, and I can’t congratulate you enough. What a success, and it’s all yours.

      2. You are far too kind! But I would be happy to converse with you via email on any part of the process. And I’d love to hear more about your writing and process as well 🙂 My blog email:

  2. Thanks for sharing the marvelous news – so happy for you and the readers that will be educated and stimulated through your work. The cover is absolutely fabulous – terrific artwork. Best wishes on future projects and enjoy this special time in your writing life!

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