Copycatting a Resolution

As you may read from this reblogged post, Patsy has been keeping a resolution to read and write about 50 different and new books each year. I think this sounds like an absolutely phenomenal idea and one which I, in true writer fashion, fully intend to pilfer and make my own. However, for a graduate student who’s going to be moving, changing jobs, and going on a honeymoon this  year, I think I may start out a little less ambitiously than nearly a book a week.


My 2013 book & blog resolution is to read and review 25 new and different books this year. I have always been a slow reader, but I like to think that this doesn’t make me a poorer or less talented reader, simply one who moves at a certain and specific pace. I’ve actually come to appreciate my plodding speed as it truly forces me to fall in love with a book before I’ll commit to it entirely. As Jim Gaffigan explains in one of his sketches, you know you’ve got an eating problem when you only realize the food was crap after you’ve cleared the plate. I like to think that my reading style helps me put down the fork a bit sooner.


Moreover, as an academic, I must add another rule to Patsy’s list, just so that we keep things clear — every book must not only be new to me (no re-reads), completed by 12/31/14, and accompanied by a thoughtful blog post, but must also be read in full — that’s right, I’m lookin’ at you Introductions, Prefaces, and Notes.


And I’ll start off with something short but precious — not cute, not adorable, something precious, something deeply valuable. This is a book that was given to me a long time ago by my now mom-in-law and though I started it numerous times, something always got in the way. No longer.

My first book of 2013 will be Dorothy L. Sayers’ Are Women Human? : Astute and witty essays on the role of women in society.


Be on the lookout for my review coming up soon and, in the meantime, be certain to check it out yourself — humanity and equality are for all of us, after all. 🙂

Happy Holidays!

The Biblio Files

Happy 2013! I’ve been horribly neglectful of this blog through a series of circumstances, laziness, and a lack of new books to read. But a new year equals a new reading challenge and equals new posts! I got a new job in Maryland and left the beautiful, warm, beachy Charleston for Maryland -__- My new job frowns on me updating my blog at work, which is why there have been a curious lack of posts since October. My creative juices flow best at work, what can I say? Also, my computer at home is a piece of shit that I just need to dump at the Apple store to wipe everything clean off of the hard drive and start over.

For those of you who don’t know, for the last 3 years, I have issued myself a reading challenge. I challenge myself to read 50 books in the course of…

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