Challenges in Academic Publishing Today

I found this to be a terrific and thoughtful blog covering several of the larger challenges facing both academic writers and publishers today. Thank you for your insights, Back to the Grove!

I would also add that I was actually just speaking with an editor at the Michigan Journal for Community Service Learning the other day and he told me he believed that another major problem facing academic journal publishers today is simply the proliferation of academic journals themselves when there is not a reciprocal proliferation of quality academic articles out there for the publishing — this means that more articles are getting published than likely should be and that other authors are finding it even harder to reach their targeted audiences.

Another point to consider is that many disciplines are turning more exclusively to article publishing than to book publishing — it’s faster, often produces better writing, and enables for greater and wider scholarly discussion/community. I’m an American Studies scholar myself and so, as I’ve been assured by several of my colleagues (though I’m not yet certain I agree), at least our discipline is still very dug into the academic book market while many of our sister departments (such as English and History) have begun to publish more and more in scholarly journals as of late.

Back to the groove

I have been a Production Editor for four years now. I have worked for Springer for the last three years, handled 25 journals of various disciplines and now is currently a Production Editor for Wiley.

Yesterday, our Offshore Manager called us in for a brief meeting. He shared with us the current situation of academic publishing, and it is both good and bad for us. Publishers are at the centre of this web. On one branch is Academic publishing, on the other branch, are the Libraries. The other branch is the government. Let’s take a look on all how of these players affect the Publisher.

Academic publishing by authors is of course, usually funded for by the government, the universities or other societies. Authors need their research funding to go out there in the world to look for answers, and share their academic findings. Part of…

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  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if the academic publishing world could receive just a small slice of the money spent on big-time sports?

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