Cover Fantasies

So, lots of thoughts today, I’ve learned from my publisher a bit more about cover graphics and options — essentially, that I may suggest something if I wanted to but that they will have final say and likely be the ones designing it as well (which is just fine with me, I like their work and am no artist). But it got me thinking, have you ever fantasized about the cover art of your first or next book? If you have been published, were you happy with their work?

To quote McFarland’s website:

“Your cover will be an essential marketing tool. You may suggest ideas for the cover. We may not always be able to accommodate these suggestions (because of size issues, quality troubles, copyright issues, or other factors), but we will be happy to consider them. McFarland retains the final say on cover designs (check us out—they’re terrific!).”

Here are a few of the covers they have up on their website:


You might have noticed the goofy artwork in the background of my blog here. That’s my own original artwork and I’m afraid of what I would even dream up for a cover — I really do think just a wild photo or image of Allen Ginsberg howling up or reading out his own poetry with a rich, bright background might be both representative as well as eye-catching for my literary criticism work in Howling.

What do you think? What would your dream cover art look like?


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